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Grinding Machine

A grinding machine, shortly known as grinder is a kind of machine tool used to grind metals and various other materials in order to finish their surfaces for higher accuracy, less roughness and better quality. With grinding machine the work pieces can be worked upon for a better shape and dimensions as per requirements. Different kinds of grinding machines are used for various industrial applications. For example engineering, automobile and electrical are some of the industries where these grinding machines are widely used in. According to the classification adopted for metal cutting machine tools, there are essentially three types of grinding machines – the surface grinders, cylindrical grinders and centerless grinders that are widely used for metal finishing applications in engineering, automobile and electrical industries.

Surface Grinder

A surface grinder machine tool is used to grind surfaces. With a surface grinding machine, the workpiece can be grinded either to a critical size or for the surface finish. The flat and rough surfaces on the metallic and non-metallic materials can be worked upon for a smooth refined look and finishing for a functional purpose. The makeup or structure of the machine includes a table that moves longitudinally and also across the face of the wheel. The longitudinal feed is usually powered by either hydraulics or done manually. Depending on this again there are two kinds of surface grinders, manual surface grinders and hydraulic surface grinders.

  • Manual Surface Grinder

Surface grinding machines that are manually operated are known as manual surface grinders. At Bhavya Machine Tools we design the most reliable and long lasting models of manual surface grinder machines that can work best under all types of weather conditions. These are corrosion resistant and precisely engineered machines manufactured to deliver the best performance on metallic as non-metallic materials with close tolerance and higher output. Available in both oil type as well as ball type models, these are vibration free and user friendly machines having simple and easy to access controls. This ensures that the work piece can be worked for accurate surface grinding operations without any noise and easily in less time.



  • Hydraulic Surface Grinder

In a surface grinding finishing process flat surfaces of materials are smoothened using abrasive rotating wheels. The work piece to be worked on, is held with a chuck on a table that traverses both longitudinally and across the face of the wheel. The surface grinder machine in which this longitudinal feed is powered by hydraulics is known as hydraulic surface grinder. Hydraulic surface grinders are the faster metal grinding machines that are widely used in engineering, automobile and electrical industries. At Bhavya Machine Tools we offer wide range of reliable and sturdy hydraulic surface grinding machines in variety of table sizes including 200X450mm, 300X600mm, 300X750mm, 400X1000mm, 500X1000mm, 500X1500mm, 600X1200mm, 600X1500mm and 750X1500mm. These are easy to use, economical and durable machines designed for maximum performance.


  • Grinding Cum Milling Machines

A grinding cum milling machine is a machine tool with which both grinding as well milling operations can be performed for shaping of objects. The grinding cum milling machine offered by us is the most reliable and best quality machine available at an affordable price. The unique features of dimensional accuracy, low maintenance costs, optimum performance, durable finish standards and reliable operations make this machine best choice for tool room grinding and milling applications.




Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinder

With a universal milling machine it is possible to perform various kinds of milling jobs including angular and helical milling operations. A geared drive universal milling machine offered by us is a high quality heavy duty machine suitable for mass productions. This is a versatile horizontal universal milling machine equipped with auto feed provided in both directions for longitudinal movement of table. It is a tough and highly reliable machine equipped with high quality components which can give maximum performance even under extreme load conditions. Durable and highly efficient universal vertical milling machines are also available with us in standard as well as customized formats.



Centerless Grinder

Turret milling machine is a kind of vertical milling machine in which spindle is stationary and therefore in order to accomplish cutting, the table is moved. Here the table can be moved both in perpendicular as well as horizontal directions thereby enabling much diverse range of tasks. At Bhavya, we offer the best quality turret milling machines for machine shops and tool room applications. High quality components, user-friendly features, easy to access controls, higher outputs, low maintenance are some of the best features found in our vertical turret milling machine. Built with specification like rectangle table guide way with high stability, hardened and ground table surface, motorized lifting and lowering of table, autofeed device and digital readout devices, this is a high quality milling machine designed to give accurate, swift and maximum performance.


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